Punctures are said by AA, to be amongst the top reasons for accidents on the road.

If your company has vehicles, how do Punctures and unnecessary down-time affect your business and your costs? If you are a driver, wouldn’t you like to have the peace of mind of not ever having to deal with a puncture again? We make different products that can be used on a variety of vehicles:

60% of women and 30% of men are stranded if they have a puncture, because they cannot change a wheel (RAC Report)

Punctures and wheel changes are the fifth most common form of breakdown. (AA Report)

One flat tyre can cost more than a full Tyreseal treatment on all wheels.

Tyreseal means security and safety for you, your family and other drivers / pedestrians.

Our sealant is developed using the highest quality materials and is effective in hot and cold environments;
Some sealants were only designed to be used on slow moving vehicles.

At very high temperatures Tyreseal will not break down but will remain effective at sealing punctures.
At low temperatures it will not congeal but will remain fluid and effective at sealing punctures.

What will Tyreseal do for your tyre:

•  Seal your tyre immediately without losing any PSI
•  Seal punctures over the whole crown of the tyre
•  Be effective at sealing punctures for the whole life of the tyre
•  Extend the life of the tyre
•  Will remain stable at high speeds
•  Helps maintain air pressure in the tyre so as to improve fuel economy
•  Helps maintain air pressure in the tyre so as to improve fuel economy
•  Helps to extend the life of the tyre by up to 20%
•  Improves fuel economy by ensuring tyres stay at the correct air pressure
•  Guaranteed to protect your tyres against punctures
•  And much more

TyreSeal Prices:

12" - 13" Tyres (4) £45
14" - 17" Tyres (4) £60
18" - 20" Tyres (4) £80
21" - 22" Tyres (4) £100

Commercial vehicles please contacxt us for pricing

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