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Portable road dynamometer

Mobile power measurement – easy, fast and professional

Utilising the latest in Dyno technology from Insoric. We can now offer our Remaps with a before & after Dyno session which is uniquely carried out in real world conditions ( on the road ) , How is this done ?, We firstly weigh the vehicle, measure the wheel size, add in air pressure, air temp, type of transmission system, Then find a flat straight road and record the data, The data is then transformed into a graph showing existing power & torque curves. 
Testing your vehicle on real roads under normal driving condidtion produces accurate information that reflects your vehicle on the road rather than under test conditions.
  • Do you want know the power of your engine?
  • Do you want to know if your tuning was successful?
  • Do you need proof of your engine power for sale or an inspection agency?
  • Do you suspect the engine doesn’t live up to its’ full power potential?
  • Was the testing on a rolling test bed inadequate due to increased heat load?
  • Do you want the torque and performance characteristics in writing?
  • Your car is too low for a regular rolling test bed?
  • High-precision, innovative sensor technology
  • The measuring process does not require intricate cabling or an electronic interface.
  • Flexible application allows for usage everywhere, any time
  • Effective measurement on street while driving
  • Result: reliable, accurate, understandable and comparable measurements based on real circumstances.

Choose Anglian Remaps and the innovative power measuring by Insoric RealPower


BMW 420i Remap

• 13th Aug, 2018 •

This sporty looking BMW was the detuned 184bhp version, it has amazing gains of 76bhp and 150Nm torque making it now drive as well as it looks.
The difference was noticeable immediately to the owner…



SsangYong Korando - 2.0 D Remap

• 13th Aug, 2018 •

SsangYong Korando - 2.0 D Remap
This SsangYong is used a lot for towing a caravan, the 2.0d engine would struggle on occasions. Following the remap and the extra 60nm torque it gained it now…



BMW X6 Remap

• 6th Jul, 2018 •

Remapped BMW X6
This BMW had already had an ECU replacement after another remapper had broken the ECU after unsuccessfully trying to bench tune the fragile EDC17CP45 ECU.
Using the latest tools we were able…



BMW X5M Remap

• 3rd May, 2018 •

This sporty BMW X5M has 575bhp as standard so is pretty nifty.
Add an extra 104bhp giving it a total of 679bhp and it turns into a real monster!
Contact us on 07594 500487 or…



Jaguar F Pace Remapping

• 28th Mar, 2018 •

Do you want to gain more power, torque and better MPG for your Jaguar F Pace? Then look no further. Our Jaguar remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your car's performance and improve your MPG!

  • F Pace Power…



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