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DPF Problems?

We can help diagnose and cure DPF problems

We Clean the Diesel Particulate Filter in situ!

DPF Cleaning Ipswich, Felixstowe, Colchester and surrounding areas

Anglian Remaps provide a DPF cleaning service that cures 97% of issues with DPF's
We operate on a mobile basis cleaning DPF's in Ipswich, Felixstowe, Colchester and all over Suffolk and Essex.
As we come to you the work can be carried out at your home or place of work.

DPF Problems

Warning lights on the dashboard indicate an error caused by a blocked DPF, the vehicle loses power and has extremely high fuel consumption. The diesel particulate filter has only a limited capacity to store particulates. The soot particles stored in the DPF must be burned in a regeneration process and converted to CO2 and ashes. For many different reasons the regeneration process does not start and results in the DPF getting clogged with soot particles.

Possible causes of DPF failure:

  • Defective or not fully functioning injectors
  • Sooty or coked EGR valve
  • Different qualities of fuel or Bio fuels
  • Short distance driving

We have the Solution:

We use a particulate filter cleaning system to clean the DPF in situ which works out  with significantly more economical than replacing them.

  • Used when regeneration is no longer possible
  • Cleaning to almost new condition possible
  • No expensive new installation
  • Cleaning without disassembly of the particulate filter
  • Non-flammable
  • Neutral ash and metal-free formulation
  • Evaporates completely
  • From only £225 per vehicle (up to 4 litre engine)

Replacement DPF's can be expensive.

Replacement DPF's can be costly, ranging from £600 and £4000 for a new DPF as well as having the car off the road whilst the replacement is fitted.
Cleaning instead of replacing is the solution, we can normally restore DPF functionality again quickly (normally under 90 minutes)

 A fully mobile service, we come to you.

DPF cleaning for cars from £225

We also offer discounts for multiple/fleet bookings, so it may be worth getting 2-3 friends together for a morning/afternoon

2 Cars = 10% discount per DPF Clean

3 Cars = 15% discount per DPF Clean

4 Cars = 20% discount per DPF Clean

5+ Cars = 25% discount per DPF Clean

Ask about our 4 month interest free credit

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