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BMW remapping - Fully mobile service

BMW Performance and Economy Remaps

We can now remap most BMW's vis the diagnostic port as we have invested heavily in new tools. 
As a result of this we are pleased to say that BMW Remaps now cost only £245* (Z4 Remaps are £345)


If you’re looking to increase the performance of your BMW, Anglian Remaps are able to help you achieve your goal. For years we have been making a name for ourselves in the industry by developing bespoke ECU software in order to provide a very specialised level of service to BMW owners nationwide. If you’re interested in boosting your car’s performance, contact us today - with our custom remapping, gains of as much as 70BHP and 120NM of torque are achievable at a highly competitive rate.

The superior quality of BMW engineering is undeniable, but what if we told you it was possible to improve performance, economy and throttle response?
At Anglian Remaps, we offer the premier BMW vehicle tuning service along with DPF and EGR removal** and a guarantee that we will use our extensive expertise to provide you with a solution tailored to your needs and model. A member of our in-house team is on hand to ensure that your needs are met throughout the experience.

Anglian Remaps provides our customers with increased performance and economy as well as the protection and security provided by our warranty and insurance.


* Most BMW remaps are £245, we may charge more for some vehicles, you will be notified if the price is higher than £245 when booking
** DPF and EGR removal only available for off road use. We offer a DPF and EGR cleaning service for vehicles with issues that are used on the publi highway

Recent Remaps

Seat Leon Remap

• 17th Nov, 2018 •

This Seat Leon certainly looks sporty, and now the 2.0d engine gets it along the road as it well as it looks with an extra 35bhp and 70Nm torque.

This client also took advantage of our…



VW Transporter Remap

• 17th Nov, 2018 •

The VW Transporter is a very popular van for campers. This beautiful example was remapped to give it that extra bit of performance needed when fully loaded, making it a much nicer drive all rouns



BMW 330d Remap

• 17th Nov, 2018 •

BMW 330d Remap (Ipswich)

The 330 is quite a sporty car to start with, remapping the 330d takes it to a whole new level with an extra 52bhp and 90Nm torque.

Contact or call us on…



Land Rover Discovery Remap

• 17th Nov, 2018 •

We have remapped quite a few of the 2.7d Land Rovers. This particular Land Rover is used a lot for towing large boats around, the extra 18% torque gained makes it a lot…



Fiat Motorhome Remap

• 25th Oct, 2018 •

This 2018 Fiat Motorhome also uses the 2.3 Fiat diesel engine
A previous attempt to remap this by someone using chinese clone tools resulted in the vehicle needing a new ECU.
This time the owner…



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