Will It Damage The Engine?
We don’t increase the performance beyond what the engine is capable of handling. Anglian Remaps provide a money back guarantee to assure you of our confidence in their reliability.
What Guarantee does Anglian Remaps offer?
We offer a 7 day no quibble money back guarantee. Within 30 days from the date of the remap. We will put the original map back on your vehicle and refund you in full.
We will make any adjustments if required free of charge (Maybe subject to a travelling charge depending on distance)
Is an ECU remap legal?
As a responsible Viezu dealer we will always advise customers that have had their vehicle remapped to inform their insurance company.
Why doesn't the manufacturer remap it at the factory?
When vehicles leave the factory they can be shipped anywhere in the world, so they are 'average' allowing them to work in many different climates and altitudes.
The vehicle also has to be able to cope with  varying fuel qualities throughout the world.
The vehicles also have to meet emmissions standards of several different countries, not just the one they are eventually sold in.
Will my Co2 emmissions increase?
No, because your engine will run more efficiently after a remap the fuel will be burnt more effectively, resulting in a possible drop in Co2 emmissions.
What benefits will I get after a remap?
Results will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but typically the re-mapped vehicle will enjoy the following benefits immediately:

  •     increased performance
  •     increased torque
  •     increased fuel efficiency

As a guide, these gains could be typically quantified as follows:

  •     diesel (turbo): 25-40% more power
  •     petrol (turbo): 20-30% more power
  •     petrol (non-turbo): 10-15% more power

How long does it take?
A typical remap is completed in under 2 hours
Which areas do you cover?
We cover most of the country, as a mobile service we can remap your car at home or at your workplace, all we need is access to a mains power supply.

Call us today at 07594 500487 or Email us at info@anglianremaps.co.uk

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