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Mercedes E270 Remap

By Anglian Remaps

Remapped a very clean Merdedes E270 taking it from 177 to 212bhp and also increasing the torque from 425 to 495Nm
The EDC16 ECU can be remapped via the diagnostic port and the whole process took about 1 hour
Following the remap an Engine Carbon Clean gave the engine a good clean.
The results were a much smoother, quieter engine with a lot more get up and go.

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Vauxhall Movano Remap

• 20th Mar, 2018 •


The Vauxhall Movano shares a lot of components with other makes such as Renault.

The Bosch EDC17C11 normally has to be removed and bench tuned on this vehicle however we were able to remap through the…



Ford Mondeo Remap

• 20th Mar, 2018 •

Ford Mondeo Remap

This 2012 2.0 Mondeo remapped through the diagnostic port for an extra 27hp and 60nm torque. The throttle response and power delivery were improved through the rev range.

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BMW 330 Remap

• 20th Mar, 2018 •

BMW 330d Remap

With an increase of 52bhp and 90nm torque all via the diagnostic port. We are one of the few companies that can remap most e & f series BMW's this way due to…



Jaguar X Type Remap

• 20th Mar, 2018 •

Jaguar X type Remap

The 2.2d engine is used across a number of vehicles and remaps very well with an extra 33bho and 80Nm torque added all via the diagnostic port.

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Jaguar XF 3.0d Remap

• 20th Mar, 2018 •

The Jaguar XF S 3.0d boasts 275hp, with the ecu removed and tuned on the bench this is increased to 325hp and 680nm torque. All within safe limits for the engine and gearbox.

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