Car Remaps by Anglian Remaps | ECU Tuning | Felixstowe, Ipswich.
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    We offer you the very best
    custom mobile ECU Remapping
    and engine carbon cleaning
    Anglian Remaps

Improve your vehicles performance and economy
Custom Engine Remaps
Engine Carbon Clean

Remapping from only £245 Engine Carbon Clean £99 (up to 4l engines) DPF Cleaning £225 (up to 4l engines) Contact us to Book now!
Would you like to improve your cars performance and economy? Contact Us

Economy Remap

An economy remap can deliver up to a 20% improvement in fuel consumption, depending on driving style.
Ideal for individuals or fleets

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50/50 Remap

Our Hybrid remaps are the most popular in our range. This is because it offers you the best of both worlds; more Power and more Economy. 50/50 Remap offers a better driving experience while returning an improved fuel consumption figure.
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Performance Remap

A Viezu performance remap is designed to release the full potential of your engine. This map is suitable for both Petrol and Diesel engines.
An increase in bhp and torque of up to 35%, better throttle response, reduced turbo lag and increased acceleration are just a few of the benefits or a performance map. Read More

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